The world of hotel online distribution is very complex and nerve wracking for any hotelier....even the most skilled revenue manager

We know! We empathise! We've done this for 15 years and it's been our bread and butter.

But now is the time for YOU to take ownership to lead your hotel's business into success into the NEW NORMAL.

And for that you need new skills, and we are willing to share all that we know.

This course is ideal for hoteliers who are:

  1. struggling with understanding what really goes on.
  2. new to revenue and distribution management.
  3. have had to step in and take over the responsibility of generating revenue.
  4. are the mercy of third parties.
  5. in need of upskilling.

Upon signing :

  • You will receive daily emails with lessons to cover.
  • These are run daily so that your learning is kept at an even pace and you are not overwhelmed with information.
  • Look out for our daily emails with cheat sheets and exercises.
  • We will also schedule a Q&A on Zoom for your questions to be answered.